Case Study Process

Case Study Process Marketing Manager

So, you’ve decided you need to add case studies to your marketing mix.  What is my case study process?

Interview with your company.  We define the problem your product or service solved and the solution your company provided.  We select which of your clients would share their success story.  And we identify your target audience.

Obtain your client’s background information.  Where are they located?  What do they do?  What types of customers do they target?  How long have they been in business?  How many employees and locations do they have?  Visiting their website can answer most of these questions.

Interview your customer.  What were the main challenges they faced?  What impact was it having on their business or life?  Why did they need to solve this problem?

Once we understand the impact the problem was having on their business, we discuss their journey to your solution.  How did they become aware of your company?  What was the process of implementing your solution?  What were the specific results?

The objective of this conversation is to obtain specific information that potential customers can relate to.  And we acquire valuable quotes that add the sizzle to your case study.

Complete the first draft.  The case study is written and presented to you for review.

Complete additional drafts, as necessary.  Improvements are discussed and revisions are made.  Discussions with a graphic designer can be started.

Approve final draft and send to graphic designer.  I am not a graphic designer.  So, you can select a graphic designer or I can arrange for one.  Either way, I will provide input regarding the case study’s final design.

Final approval.  You approve the copy and design.  It’s ready for circulation.

That’s it… the case study process.  You now have an invaluable third-party endorsement for your product or service.  In addition, it can be repurposed into many other pieces of marketing collateral such as a blog post, email campaign, or trade journal article.


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