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Case studies and white papers copywriter Bob Jackson

Thanks for stopping by. It’s not so much about me as it is about you.

But I’m aware that you want to know something about my background. Otherwise, how will you know if I’m even qualified to write a medical device white paper or case study? So, to address your curiosity.

Business Background

Prior to 2008, I lived in the plastics industry. All in a sales or sales management role with resin manufacturers and injection molders. For each, I humbly identified and developed new business with molders, film converters, large OEMs, and trained sales reps.

Then the 2008 economic tsunami hit and my sales management job was eliminated. I spent one year looking for other positions, but few companies were hiring. At 54 years old, I had to retool. However, only three industries were adding people … government, education, and healthcare.

A Career Change

I believed the healthcare field would probably continue to be recession resistant, and I chose cardiac rhythm management (CRM). After all, we are a country with obesity, diabetes, and other issues leading to heart problems. Implantable pacemakers and defibrillators would always be in demand.

But all I knew was that the heart pumped blood. Nothing else. Nada. Who was going to hire me? Well, no one unless I addressed that problem. I paid for and attended a two-week jump start program at Arrythmia Technologies Institute (ATI), the world’s leading institute for teaching cardiac device technology. The goal was to determine if I was capable of learning CRM technology. I loved the two weeks and actually did pretty well. I decided this was to be my next journey.

So, I enrolled at ATI for their 9-month cardiac rhythm management school. We had 36 students, and I was old enough to be everyone’s father. During the week, I lived in Greenville, SC going to class five days per week. On the weekends, I returned home to Atlanta and family. It was an expensive nine months.

By the time I graduated from ATI in March, 2010, I had gone two years without a paycheck. I needed a job like I needed oxygen to survive. Fortunately, I received a job offer with St. Jude Medical which kick-started my medical device career. What a blessing it has been!

Since, I have assisted cardiologists and electrophysiologists to implant over 2,000 pacemakers and defibrillators. And conducted over 12,000 clinical follow-ups with patients who have these devices. This involves programming each device and troubleshooting complex heart rhythm problems. I am IBHRE (International Brotherhood of Heart Rhythm Examiners) certified.

Also, I achieved EP certification by St. Jude Medical to support ablations using their Ensite 3D Modeling System. I assisted on many atrial flutter RF ablations and atrial fibrillation cryoablations.

So, we are up to date. Correct? Well, not so fast.

A Location Change

I have a strong wanderlust. For many years, my wife and I have wanted to live abroad. Not just be exposed to a new culture, but experience it. After several years of research and country visits, in June of 2017 we relocated to Penang, Malaysia. Yep, sold the house and all of our possessions. (But, kept our beloved rescue dog, Mandy.) Everything we now own can be placed into 6 suitcases – not Mandy, of course!

Office in Penang - Sunset

My office view in Penang, Malaysia

What’s in it for you?

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Is working with Bob, who’s living in Malaysia, a potential problem for me?” Not at all. I will not allow my location to be your problem. With email, Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp, texting, and phone calls, communication is not an issue. We are 12 hours ahead of east coast time, but this is easily handled. Whenever we need to talk, I am available. No issue.

In fact, if you are a U.S. medical device company looking to penetrate the Asia-Pacific market, my location could be an advantage. Conversely, if you are an Asia-Pacific manufacturer wanting to introduce your product into the U.S. market, my background could be a benefit.

My specialties are case studies and white papers for medical device companies. Both are valuable tools that can generate new leads, improve search engine optimization results, and increase sales and profitability.

Why is my background important to you?

I don’t need to be trained in your market. I’ve lived and succeeded in your market. I know how you think. How your customers think. And, I can address both business and technical issues.

Also, I can write copy aimed at each discipline within a company. Purchasing, quality assurance, manufacturing, and finance. As well as CEOs and CFOs. Each requires a different message that effectively addresses their individual challenges, needs, and interests.

Can I write persuasive white papers and compelling case studies? Well, I have been trained by American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI), a leading trainer of copywriters.  I have received certification in both. Trained by writers who have successfully made a living creating these marketing pieces.

Case studies and white papers. Medical device companies. My specializations.

Personal Background

I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Industrial Management and attended on a baseball scholarship. I have been married for 40 years (to the same saint of a woman, Patti) and have two grown children still living and working in the U.S. Leisure time is spent playing tennis, golf, hiking, and traveling. College football is a passion. An absolute passion!

But, enough about me. I want to know about you. Let me know how I can help you. That’s what I enjoy.

“Bob is an excellent manager and a pleasure to work for. He excels at keeping a balance between satisfying the customer while keeping an eye on the big picture and protecting corporate policy.”

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